Operations & Supply Chain Insights

Streamline operations and strengthen the supply chain.

Successful organizations are defined by their precise operations and efficient supply chains. In an increasingly inter-dependent world, the route from manufacturer to customer is often complex and time-consuming. SG Analytics can generate constructive insights that can help you maximize efficiency and minimize costs along the supply chain and optimize your operations.

Demand Forecasting

  • Demand forecasts: Generate accurate demand forecasts using historical, market, and economic variables
  • Supply-chain optimization: Forecast demand and take critical decisions on raw material procurement, transport, contracts and human resourcing
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Inventory Planning

  • Inventory models: Understand when to purchase supplies and optimize the quantities procured
  • Data-based inventory strategies: Consolidate data and compare inventory across the supply chain
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Vendor Management

  • Dashboards: Create dashboards for vendor management that allow tracking from a single source
  • Analyze vendor performance: Keep vendor scorecards and perform costing analysis to improve margins
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Network and Capacity Optimization

  • Route profitability analysis and optimization: Use variables including locations, available fleet resources, and existing or new locations to determine improvement opportunities
  • Capacity and pricing: Integrate demand data in real-time for smarter pricing and optimized capacity planning
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