Customer Analytics Services

Analytics to acquire, engage, and retain your customers.

As today’s consumers have access to information, markets and networks at their fingertips, it is becoming increasingly complex for businesses to gather consumer analytics in order to understand their target market and its ever-evolving purchasing behavior. By creating sophisticated customer analytics models and developing relevant customer acquisition strategies and customer retention strategies, SG Analytics enables businesses to understand their customers and their requirements, leading to high-value customer retention.

Why SGA ?


Understanding the Customer

  • CLTV models: Leverage capabilities in CLTV modeling to predict who your best customers will be and understand who your best customers are, enabling you to unlock the optimal value of your customers
  • Customer migration: Understand customer behavior over a period of time and develop a framework to predict future customer behavior and movement across segments
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Customer Acquisition and Retention Modeling

  • Customer acquisition strategies: From highly customized services to campaigns and promotions, SG Analytics enables businesses to identify what customers are most likely to respond to and develop effective customer acquisition strategy
  • Customer retention strategies / models: Gain deeper understanding of customers to identify and model motives and factors that endear them to your products and services
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Customer Segmentation and Behavioral Analytics

  • Customer segmentation: Analyze and segment customers based on behavior, preferences, demographics, and purchasing patterns
  • Behavioral analytics: Discover the causes and variables that influence customer behavior
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Consumer Engagement

  • Hyper-personalization: Devise strategies that help you deliver personalized products and services to your customers
  • Cross-sell and upsell: Generate and implement cross-sell and upsell tactics that deepen consumer engagement, and generate better returns on your marketing investments
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