Visualization-enabled, big data architecture covering leads funnel


A leading media firm

Business objective

  • Our client experienced low visibility of the impact of marketing campaigns on lead generation due to data residing in different locations and formats.
  • The client wanted to harmonize campaign data with leads funnel / salesforce data, in order to enhance the lead conversion rate and drive better returns on marketing spend.

Benefits & outcomes of our engagement

  • 3,000+ campaigns tracked till date
  • Easy to use self-service visualization platform has helped the client’s marketing team rationalize customer acquisition costs by 12% by de-focusing on the types of campaigns and user segments that have a low impact on conversion/brand switch
  • Curbed attrition rate of the sales team by 5% due to higher visibility and quicker feedback on sales funnel action items

SGA approach

  • SGA set up a cloud-based data architecture using AWS cloud platform (client’s environment) and SQL server managed automated data processing, to manage day-level campaign data
  • Integrated lead generation data (Pardot, Eloqua) with the campaign performance database (Google Analytics) to determine impact of the campaign on lead conversion
  • This enabled a multi-fold application across business units:
  • Provided an interactive visualization of prospects / leads funnel
  • Helped assess the impact of marketing campaigns on conversion of qualified leads, and not just the end-of-month sales outcomes
  • Helped track the website traffic movement and pre-determine / gauge the likelihood of ongoing traffic on customer acquisition during specific campaign periods