Super generic asset opportunities for Licensing or Acquisition In BRICKMT


Top Pharmaceutical Company

Business situation

Identify the super generic candidate with high commercial potential having licensing opportunities in majority BRICKMT

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • SGA’s delivered a comprehensive list of potential super generic candidate available in BRICKMT which helped the client to expand their portfolio in emerging market
  • SGA’s provided list of potential partner companies in both developed and developing geographies that helped the client to pursue their emerging market strategy by acquiring or in-licensing the candidate


Identification of super generic candidates having high commercial potential and licensing opportunities in majority BRICKMT through secondary research

SGA approach

  • Conducted in depth secondary research and also analyzed IMS data, pipeline data through various data sources like partnering conference information
  • Identified and assessed potential candidate on key indicators like innovativeness, GMP, GCP accreditations
  • Contacted potential super generic manufacturer and structured interview is done for better understanding of licensing opportunities in BRICKMT
  • Developed the final set of super generic potential candidate based on the in detail secondary research and clients discussion