Competitive analysis of food products in GCC region


Leading canned foods manufacturer based in the UAE

Business situation

End client’s canned food product category faced pricing pressure from low cost manufactured private label products from retailers, resulting in declining sales of end client's products

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Provided valuable insights to end client about the private label products pricing in the GCC
  • Devised a strategy to counter the private label product and increase market share
  • Further, assisted end client to showcase the economic benefits to retailers, which aided in product prioritization, faster rollout and pricing negotiations


Assisted an GCC based market research firm in building a competitive strategy to compete with private label products

SGA approach

  • Performed consumer survey to understand canned food preferences among different segments and identify key reasons for brand selection
  • Conversed with various suppliers to obtain data on the margins charged for canned goods in stores at different locations
  • Identified private label canned goods players in the GCC market through desk research and analyzed their pricing, quality, distribution and marketing strategies
  • Performed cost-benefit analysis of the client’s products and competitor’s private label products. Based on the analysis, prepared a comprehensive marketing strategy