Retail customer intelligence solution vendor assessment


Leading European personal care brand

Business situation

Assessing a new CRM solution that could manage customer campaigns and deliver higher conversion rates

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Assessed the market vendor landscape to recommend the best-fit solution for business needs
  • SGA’s vendor assessment helped to uncover the real benefits of customer intelligence, campaign management and marketing analytics


Assessed the CRM vendor solution landscape in Europe (solution with customer intelligence, campaign management capabilities)

SGA approach

  • Conducted primary (in-depth interviews with 7-8 solution providers in each of the targeted countries) and secondary research with a focus on customer intelligence/journey analytics.
  • Identified customer-centric software functionality and capability criteria (omni-channel marketing, customer intelligence, campaign management, etc.) based on market knowledge and primary data insights.
  • Provided a rating (on a scale of 1 to 5) to each solution provider on the shortlisted features and identified their strengths and weaknesses across overall CRM solution KPIs.
  • Developed comparative ranking across key solution providers and created vendor landscaping matrix using leader/laggard model.