Target market and product strategy for auto manufacturer

Client: Leading global device manufacturer based in South East Asia with 10 manufacturing plants


  • 50+ Marketplace discussions
  • 1,500+ Computer assisted web interviews (CAWI)
  • 10+ Competitors benchmarked


The client had plans to launch a telematics product in the Chinese market and wanted to conduct a consumer survey to gauge consumers’ awareness on telematics, their smartphone usage trends, likelihood toward telematics insurance, and willingness to adopt the telematics technology in China.


Based on a detailed understanding of the problem, SG Analytics research and consulting team adopted the following approach to design a customized solution for the client:

  • The SG Analytics team conducted exhaustive secondary research to understand the Chinese telematics market, including market size, product trends, growth drivers, entry barriers, regulatory framework, and key players to prepare the consumer survey
  • The team held over 50 marketplace discussions with distributors, manufacturers and industry experts to understand the industry value chain and the potential market for the new player
  • The SG Analytics team conducted product benchmarking for 10+ competitors to find the most relevant target market and age group where the client could gain competitive advantage
  • To gain insights on customer preferences and buying behavior, the team conducted 1,500+ computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI) across Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tianjin
  • Finally, the team developed a product strategy for the client based on product features, pricing, target market, and collaborations for product manufacturing


  1. Conducted exhaustive secondary research to understand the Chinese telematics market
  2. Held 50+ marketplace discussions with manufacturers, distributors, and industry experts
  3. Conducted 1,500+CAWIs with consumers across five key cities
  4. Developed a product strategy for the client


SG Analytics provided us with actionable insights to develop our new productin the telematics domain. We are very happy with the quality of insights, projectexecution, as well as the overall partnership – Director – Sales and Marketing
  • Identified a well-defined target market for growth where the client could implement the product strategy
  • Developed a product strategy that enabled the client to have first mover advantage in the market
Marketplace discussions.
Computer assisted web interviews.
Competitors benchmarked.


Identified a well-defined target market for growth where the client could implement the product strategy.
Developed a product strategy that enabled the client have first mover-advantage in the market.