Survey covering software vendors for consulting firm

Client: London-based analyst and consultancy firm with clients in over200 countries


  • 600 surveys per quarter
  • 120 hours per quarter


The client wanted to conduct a survey among independent software vendors to identify
their customer’s requirements for different technology products as well as customer perception about most relevant products across the market


SG Analytics suggested a panel study with similar organizations/participants every quarter over a period of five years. SG Analytics allocated a dedicated team throughout the year in order to develop the same level of understanding in each quarter:

  • The SG Analytics team conducted extensive secondary research to identify the sample list of independent software vendors (ISVs) across the US, Europe and APAC as for specific vendors
  • The team rolled out a CATI survey to 600 respondents with main focus on the sales volumes of different ISVs, sales expectations for the next quarter, and specific deals or feedback that partners had for ISVs

Value Delivered:

  • Prepared a detailed report on sales trends for each quarter
  • Provided trend analysis based on the change in customer demand
  • Provided trend analysis based on the change in customer demand
Surveys per quarter.
Hours per quarter.


Prepared a detailed report on sales trends for each quarter.
Provided trend analysis based on the change in customer demand.
Implemented predictive analytics to identify the probable risks.