Global survey on information technology spend

Client: UK-based, multinational publishing and events company with offices in 30+ countries


  • 6700 CAWI-based surveys
  • 5000 Man hours

OPPORTUNITY: The client was seeking a thorough and balanced understanding of current and future
global spend in information technology across organization sizes in sectors such as media, insurance and retail banking, which were difficult to assess.


The client and SG Analytics set respective quotas on 15 industries for each target country to reflect the client’s business interests:

  • SG Analytics suggested the inclusion of only those respondents that were IT decision makers and had significant influence or decision-making authority in IT purchases
  • Due to the complicated subject matter, the survey length was very long which caused respondent fatigue.Hence SG Analytics deployed a two-pronged approach and conducted large samples of telephonic interviews and online surveys, consisting of:
    • Enterprise survey: 5,000 interviews
    • Budget & Matrix: 1,700 interviews
  • The SG Analytics team implemented multiple rounds of quality checks to ensure that data received was in line with the objective. The team translated the questions wherever non-English languages were required.


  • Provided trends of  IT investments across industries
  • Aided the decision making for procurement requirements and security solutions
CAWI-based surveys.
Man hours.


Provided trends of IT investments across industries.
Aided the decision making for procurement requirements and security solutions.