Primary and secondary research for fleet-management service provider


A fleet-management service provider operating in 6 countries across Europe and Americas.


The client was on the lookout for partnership opportunities with network providers in the fleet management sector. The client’s shortlisting criteria was that potential partners should have a vast network reach with multiple spectrum-operations in their respective geographies and target consumer segments.


SG Analytics conducted a thorough analysis market screening based on primary and secondary research to provide the client with prospective partner leads across geographies.

Primary Research:

  • SG Analytics’ primary research analysts conducted marketplace discussions with 25 key experts in M2M communications as well as in the telematics segment across the globe to develop an understanding of the trends across the value-chain, market size of the fleet management segment, competitive landscape, network-provider landscape, consumer segmentation and requirement (application-wise) as well as expansion strategies of competitors.

Secondary Research:

  • The primary research was supplemented by desk research, profiling, and benchmarking of 15 fleet management service providers across the globe w.r.t., sales and marketing, M&A and collaboration as well as expansion strategies.
  • SG Analytics also conducted the market sizing of the network usage in the fleet management services market w.r.t. type of technology, spectrum, and pricing along with benchmarking of 10 prospective partners providing licensed or unlicensed M2M networks.


  • SG Analytics structured and analyzed the interview and secondary research to shortlist prospective partners, who could help the client in expanding across multiple target geographies.
Expert interviews
Competitor benchmarkings.
Partner leads.


SG Analytics submitted a detailed benchmarking and recommendations on prospective partners.
The client leveraged SG Analytics report to select prospective partners, who helped them in expanding their business.