Primary research for medical device manufacturer

Expert interviews.
Competitor interviews.
Hours of CATI.


A medical device manufacturer with widespread international presence.


The client was considering to expand its product line and enter the UV spectroscopy devices market in a specific target geography. SG Analytics was engaged to assess the market scenario in terms of potential competitors, their product positioning and offerings, market growth prospects and demand forecasts.


SG Analytics’ pharmaceuticals & life sciences experts conducted an exhaustive desk research to gain a detailed understanding of the target geography’s specifics in the UV spectroscopy devices market. Based on the secondary research results, SG Analytics carried out an extensive primary research, comprising of qualitative interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the UV spectroscopy devices space of the target geography. The discussions and interviews provided supplementing and validating information in regards to:
  • Customers personas and product offerings.
  • Market performance and market key performance indexes.
  • Potential opportunities and market growth estimates.
  • Drivers and restraining factors of potential market growth.

The qualitative interviews also covered important client questions pertaining to:
  • Competitors key messaging and positioning.
  • Competitors go-to-market strategies on a global and local level.


SG Analytics provided a comprehensive understanding and outlook pertaining to the local UV spectroscopy devices market.
The report's actionable information enabled the client's senior management to develop a GTM strategy and positioning for their line of UV spectroscopy devices.