Primary research for market entry in hemophilia biologics

CATI and CAWI interviews.
Countries covered.


A top 50 global pharmaceutical company.


The client was planning to launch its own hemophilia product. SG Analytics helped the client take data-driven decisions by analyzing the key messaging and go to market strategies of factor VIII products in the market. The geographical scope was limited to the US and top 5 EU countries.


SG Analytics suggested an efficient analysis framework and conducted an extensive primary market research in the given countries. SG Analytics' the team interviewed hematologists, physicians, patient advocacy groups; competitors’ sales forces and hemophilia associations to understand the market. The team put a specific focus on potential market gaps. Working with the client's global hemophilia franchise director, the team identified and covered the following key areas:
  • Key messaging by customer type – what are competitors saying to physicians and what are they doing in advocacy, DTC/ Ad boards, etc.?
  • Key messaging and positioning – how have messaging strategies evolved over the years?
  • Market-access strategy – pricing/reimbursement, discounts to pharmacies, any intention to lower prices, etc.
  • Patient switching and patient stickiness – How are competitors encouraging patients to switch to longer acting alternatives?
  • How have competitors' go-to-market strategies evolved on a global and local level?


SG Analytics' report provided a comprehensive understanding and outlook pertaining to the hemophilia biologics market.
The report's lucid and actionable information enabled the client's senior management to develop a GTM strategy and positioning for their brand.