Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE in air traffic management equipment

Marketplace discussions.
Porter’s Five Forces


An American technology company manufacturing communications, electronic, and space intelligence systems.


The client wanted to expand its geographical footprint by entering into the air traffic management equipment market in India.


SG Analytics’ business consultants applied Porter’s Five Forces Model and a PESTLE framework to generate actionable insights and strategic guidance for the client.

A team of experienced secondary research analysts conducted an exhaustive desk research to provide a data-driven, holistic understanding of the aviation sector in regards to air traffic equipment and technology in use, as well as the following factors:
  • Product gaps.
  • Suppliers.
  • Sourcing and procurement models.
  • Regulations.

SG Analytics held 40+ marketplace discussions with suppliers, airport authorities, regulators, and industry experts to fill data gaps and supplement the primary research results.

SG Analytics’ business consultants conducted a PESTLE analysis to provide insights into the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental landscape in India. By applying Porter’s Five Forces Model, SG Analytics also quantified buyer and supplier power, industry competition and potential threats from new entrants and substitutes.

Based on the findings, an experienced strategist developed a market entry strategy and provided the client with recommendations on partnerships, distribution strategy, and regulatory obligations.


SG Analytics submitted recommendations on the market entry strategy.
SG Analytics helped develop a strong distribution network.