Opportunities for natural rubber in tire manufacturing

CATI interviews.
Major competitors analyzed.


An Indian natural rubber manufacturing company.


The client sought out SG Analytics to conduct market research and identify opportunities for natural rubber in the Indian tire manufacturing industry.


SG Analytics designed a customized solution for the client. By conducting both - primary and secondary research – followed by a thorough analysis of the findings, SG Analytics delivered holistic answers to the client’s key questions pertaining to demand and supply, market size, market trends, key players, regulatory environment, industry challenges, etc.
  • SG Analytics' in-house experts conducted extensive desk research on current and future size of the market, current demand and supply, distribution channels, key players and their strategies, regional distribution, etc. using industry association sources, regulatory authority reports, and competitor websites etc.
  • A team of primary research analysts engaged in CATI interviews with about 40 players, including key stakeholders and key industry experts to fill data gaps from the secondary research.
  • An experienced business consultant analyzed the primary and secondary research results and derived key market insights into market opportunities. The business consultant also devised a data-backed market entry strategy.


SG Analytics delivered strategic insights to the client, including product demand assessment, key players' market strategies.
Based on the insights SG Analytics highlighted Indian regions where the client could expand its footprint.
The client leveraged the SG Analytics insights to devise a successful market entry strategy.