Market entry strategy for beverage and brewing company

Marketplace discussions .
PESTLE analysis
in Nigeria.
Porter’s five forces
for beverage industry.


Europe-based multinational beverage and brewing company with an employee strength of ~70,000 globally.


The client wanted to expand its geographical footprint in Africa by entering the Nigerian market. The client also wanted to conduct a detailed study on the Nigerian beverage market and develop a market entry strategy.


SG Analytics' research and consulting team applied PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces Model to provide actionable insights to the client:
  • To understand the alcoholic beverages market in Nigeria, SG Analytics' team conducted an exhaustive secondary research on factors such as market growth rate, product trends, value chain analysis, growth drivers, and entry barriers.
  • The team held 30+ marketplace discussions with manufacturers, distributors, consumers and industry experts to understand their perception and gain insights on consumer preferences and buying behavior.
  • Our PESTLE analysis helped the client gain clarity and insight on the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental situation in Nigeria.
  • Next, we applied Porter’s Five Forces Model to quantify buyer power, supplier power, industry rivalry, threat from substitutes, and threat from new entrants
  • The team further developed a detailed market entry strategy for the client and recommended product mix, key pricing, and distribution strategy.


Enhanced the client’s decision-making ability through bespoke research.
Based on SG Analytics recommendation, the client successfully set up a profitable business unit in Nigeria.