Market intelligence for e-commerce marketplace

Client: Singapore-based renowned e-commerce marketplace


  • 200 Hours of CATI
  • 10 Select candidates identified and interviewed
  • 100 Hours of transcript review, analysis and suggestions

OPPORTUNITY: Seeking to optimize its shipping processes in India, the client approached SG Analytics to understand the third-party logistics/transportation market and identify the most economical way of transportation


SG Analytics proposed a qualitative interview approach, and conducted the following:

  • SG Analytics identified the consumer durable OEM’s, both domestic and international companies – with a presence in India
  • SG Analytics then shortlisted relevant third party logistics providers across various Indian states
  • SG Analytics team profiled all domestic E-commerce players to understand their approach to logistics related to consumer durables
  • The team conducted focused, well-structured interviews in phases with the companies and validated the datapoints across multiple respondents


We appreciate the facts and insights presented on market intelligence and competitive intelligence for the logistics segment. We are looking forward to work with you again – Vice President Research

  • Delivered insights on opportunity areas along the logistics valuechain
  • Helped channelize opportunities and identify potential challenges
  • Supported in shaping a business plan for logistics and business operations
Hours of CATI.
Select candidates identified and interviewed.
Hours of transcript review, analysis and suggestions.


Delivered insights on opportunity areas along the logistics value chain.
Helped channelize opportunities and identify potential challenges.
Supported in shaping a business plan for logistics and business operations.