Market intelligence for IT company in Saudi Arabia

Qualitative surveys.


An IT company with more than five operational centers; headquartered in Saudi Arabia.


The client engaged SG Analytics to conduct market research with the objective to understand how digitization can be introduced in Qatari educational institutions to impart online education.


SG Analytics conducted market research to understand the education market with respect to the syllabus and structure of the educational institutions. We also assessed, competitor strategy, market trends and digital adoption of these institutions.
  • SG Analytics conducted qualitative interviews to identify key customer segments that are inclined toward digital adoption.
  • In addition, we conducted marketplace discussions with key educational authorities, decision makers, distributors and digital tech providers associated with the education industry, to develop an in-depth understanding of market trends.
  • Based on insights from the interviews, SG Analytics business consultants evaluated trends in the Qatari education industry and assessed how digitization will impact the educational institutions.


SG Analytics delivered a complete assessment, which included key market trends and the overall technology usage in Qatar.
The assessment helped the client to identify market trends in educational centers through digital market assessment.