Market entry strategy for hemophilia product

CAWI and CATI interviews.
In-person interviews.
Target countries.


Large global pharma company.


The client was planning to launch a hemophilia product in the US and top-5 EU countries (by GDP). The client was also looking to develop a market entry strategy, and ensure that the key messages are communicated effectively.


SG Analytics undertook the following approach to fulfill the client’s requirements:

1. SG Analytics conducted in-depth primary research to understand the market dynamics across the six target countries, through extensive surveys, focus group discussions, and in-person interviews.

2. After gaining a clear market understanding, the team identified information gaps and created a research map and an analysis framework.

3. To fill the gaps and enhance the analytical quality, our primary research specialists interviewed experts and executives across diverse functions, including hematologists, physicians, patient advocacy groups, and salespeople of competitors and hemophilia associations.

4. SG Analytics worked closely with the global hemophilia franchise director of the client group. Based on the research findings, we identified key target areas and developed a comprehensive market entry strategy, including:
  • Key marketing channels by customer type.
  • Key messaging and positioning.
  • Market-access strategy for pricing, discounts, and kickbacks.
  • Patient switching and stickiness – Encouraging patients to switch to longer-acting alternatives.
  • Evolution of go-to-market strategy a global and local level.


Our strategy ensured excellent customer outreach based on a comprehensive understanding of the target market.
We provided lucid and actionable information to implement the goto market strategy.
We identified product attributes for effective key messaging and appropriate brand positioning.

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