Identify opportunities across the cancer patient journey

4 weeks
Project life span
180 hours
Secondary research.
Primary interviews.


A Spain-headquartered pharmaceutical chemical group with a clear, research-centered international approach.


The client approached SG Analytics to provide an in-depth understanding of the peripheral areas of oncology (radiotherapy, reformulation, stem cell transplant, etc.). The client was also interested in identifying opportunity areas across the patient journey in cancer treatment (diagnosis, treatment & supportive care) in Spain. The key intelligence questions of the study were:
  1. Enlisting segments of each area and developing a brief understanding of each of them.
  2. Assessing the client’s capabilities in the field of oncology and supportive areas.
  3. Mapping the client’s capabilities with the identified peripheral areas of oncology market.
  4. Giving recommendations on identified business opportunities using preference analysis (qualitative).


SG Analytics designed its approach using two broad stages:

Oncology Market Overview:
  • SG Analytics' team performed an extensive desk research to construct a detailed market overview and map the competitive landscape across the global as well as local market.
  • The team conducted a detailed research on the regulatory landscape and drivers/barriers in key peripheral segments. We also identified current trends and opportunity areas for the client.

White Space & Opportunity Assessment:
  • For the opportunity areas identified, our team conducted exhaustive primary market research by talking to key opinion leaders (KOLs) to discover unmet needs in the patient journey.
  • We mapped the client’s existing capabilities against the identified needs (white space assessment) and recommended the most relevant opportunity areas for the client.


SG Analytics provided synergies by identifying best-fit new areas around the existing product portfolio.
We delivered relevant and high-quality insights from relevant external key opinion leaders.
The client gained an improved understanding of the global end-markets to harness multiple growth opportunities.