Expand connected car business in the Spanish market

CATI interviews.
Major competitors analyzed.


A fast-growing supplier of M2M-based automotive electronics, sensors, and control and tracking equipment across multiple geographies.


The client had identified significant growth potential in Spain and wanted to expand its existing business in the Spanish market. The client's Vice President of Sales tasked SG Analytics with conducting a detailed market research and devising a data-driven sales and marketing strategy.


Considering the client’s requirements, SG Analytics tailored a unique research map, combining secondary and primary research. Its business consultants and automotive experts analyzed the research findings to answer key questions with respect to market size, consumer and competitor landscape, entry challenges, effect of macroeconomic factors, regulatory environment, as well as demographic and income group-based consumer segmentation.

SG Analytics’ primary research analysts conducted CATI of 28 respondents, including connected car manufacturers, automotive electronic and component providers, and M2M network and service providers, across the geography to develop a data-driven understanding of the following factors:
  • Market dynamics.
  • Consumer trends.
  • Competitive landscape.
  • Demographic segmentation.
  • Market size.

A team of business consultants assessed five major players of this market and conducted exhaustive desk research on information from various reports, press releases and other sources of data.

Based on insights from the interviews and secondary research, SG Analytics devised a sales and marketing strategy for the client with respect to market size and dynamics, demographic trends, consumer preferences, pricing, competitive landscape and competitor strategies.


SG Analytics delivered key information on the competitors’ business strategy in Spain.
The client leveraged the insights to devise its market entry strategy.