Digitize consumer experience and build digital strategy

Client: UK-based major luxury retail brand with presence across 35+countries


  • 10 Countries
  • 15 Geographic locations 
  • 300+ Customer surveys 
  • 30+ Stakeholder interviews

OPPORTUNITY: The client wanted to digitize its consumer experience and build a digital strategy to compete with its peers, who had established a dominant brand presence in the online space.


SG Analytics research and consulting team designed a unique omni-channel strategy by implementing the following solution:

  • The SG Analytics team evaluated the existing customer journey and interaction points with the brand across different sales and customer service channels
  • The team also surveyed customer groups across different locations to identify their pain points, along with current usage of smartphone and internet
  • The SG Analytics team then identified key customer segments that were most inclined towards the digital mode of communication and interaction
  • Based on the analysis and customer survey, the team identified key processes where customer experience could be digitized using mobile-enabled apps
  • To analyze customer experience, competitor strategy, market trends, and digital adoption, the team conducted exhaustive research. This helped the brand adapt its business strategy to include an omni-channel experience.
  • The SG Analytics team created a digital strategy which provided a platform i) for the launch of a new product through multiple channels and ii) maintain effective communication with customers

Flow Chart:

  1. Assess customer experience and touchpoints
  2. Analyze and benchmark how other luxury brands use digitization to enhance customer experience
  3. Identify challenges in adopting an omni-channel approach
  4. Create a digital strategy to enhance customer experience across channels


SG Analytics helped us to create a coherent digital customer strategy and platform todeliver unique experience to our customers – Director, Marketing
  • Expanded brand reach through increased access to consumers in the UK
  • Helped track buying trends through an omni-channel approach
  • Increased revenues along with consistent customer experience across different channels
  • Higher customer loyalty and business performance through customer interaction via digital channels
Geographic locations.
Customer surveys.
Stakeholder interviews.


Expanded brand reach through increased access to consumers in the UK.
Helped track buying trends through an omni-channel approach.
Increased revenues along with consistent customer experience across different channels.
Higher customer loyalty and business performance through customer interaction via digital channels.