Digitization strategy for African e-retailer

Major competitors analyzed.


A South African retailer, offering general merchandise, home improvement equipment, and food items.


The client wanted to create personalized dashboards on their online app. SG Analytics’ supported the client by analyzing the effectiveness of their sales initiatives and targeted online marketing campaigns as well as assessing potential designs for personalized dashboards based on data from multiple credible sources.


Based on a detailed understanding of the client’s problem set, SG Analytics’ team of interdisciplinary experts deployed a combination of analytics and market research methodologies to gain actionable insights:
  • A team of experienced primary research analysts conducted marketplace discussions with 25 respondents including sector experts, sales managers, financial managers, and web and app developers to gain insights and develop an understanding of the market dynamics with respect to digitization strategies, customer segments and preferences, sales and marketing, and customer support strategies.
  • In addition, a secondary research team assessed eight relevant, major retail players and conducted exhaustive desk research to find the information shared in various reports, press releases, and other sources of data to fill data gaps.
  • SG Analytics’ data scientists cleansed and processed large volumes of transactional and consumer data to develop data models that enabled a detailed analysis of trends and customer support in reaction to policy and pricing changes.
  • Based on insights from the interviews, secondary research, and data analysis, SG Analytics provided insights into consumer trends, suggested efficient online sales and marketing strategies, and implemented an effective customer dashboarding solution and privacy policy.


SG Analytics' report contained key data points about customer trends and the competitive landscape. SG Analytics also suggested an appropriate strategy.
The client leveraged the insights and recommendations to devise a key sales and marketing strategy as well as build an engaging dashboard on their online app.