Data library for Chinese dental medical market

Chinese provinces covered.
Data library created.


A leading manufacturer of dental implant handpieces with employee strength of 20,000.


The client commissioned a study to assess the dental medical market in China. The study's objective was to identify relevant suppliers, distributors, and dealers of selected item categories including implants, handpieces, and drillers. The geographical focus was put on the following three provinces:
  • Beijing.
  • Shanghai.
  • Guangzhou / Shenzhen.

The idea of research was to capture:
  • A macro-level overview of the dealers of dental implants, handpieces, and drillers.
  • Assessment of dealers based on the product, number of sales reps, and key brands & their capabilities.


SG Analytics performed an extensive secondary research to build a data library of relevant suppliers, distributors, and dealers in China. The data library served as the source for a structured report that presented the following information:
  • An Overview of the dental implant market in China.
  • A list of dental implant distributors and brief company profilings.
  • Details on the existing distributor network with structured operational flows.
  • A database of dental implant manufacturers and traders.
  • Recommendations based on a detailed analysis of all mentioned factors.


SG Analytics provided an exhaustive dataset that enabled the client to understand the distributor network flow and assess the current market scenario in the target geographies.
The final report provided holistic and accurate information, enabling the client to create an effective business development strategy.