Consumer market study in German lubricants market

Major competitors analyzed.


Manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions, and construction chemicals for the home and industrial segments.


The client wanted detailed information about consumer trends and brand perception in the operating geography to assess its present market position and devise new sales and marketing strategies.


Conducting a thorough analysis of secondary and primary research findings, SG Analytics delivered answers to the client’s key questions with respect to market dynamics, consumer preferences, brand perception, competitive landscape, and product portfolio. Based on these insights, SG Analytics also devised a sales and marketing strategy for the client.
  • SG Analytics conducted a consumer survey among 1000+ respondents in both the home and industrial segments to develop an understanding of market share and dynamics; market trends; consumer trends and expectation; demographic- and application-wise segmentation.
  • Based on the information shared in various reports, press releases, and other sources of data, a secondary research team simultaneously carried out a desk research on 10 major market players to fill gaps in the primary research.
  • SG Analytics structured and visualized the primary and secondary research findings for the client and submitted actionable insights into consumer trends and expectation, service portfolio, competitive landscape and consumer segmentation.


SG Analytics delivered a complete presentation on consumer preferences and application-wise trends.
The client implemented the results to gain important insights into the consumer landscape across the geography.