Business intelligence – PSD2 impact assessment

Expert interviews.
Leading banks evaluated.


A European banking and financial services provider.


The client wanted to evaluate the impact of PSD2 (Revised Payment Services Directive) with respect to regulatory changes, competition, and adoption challenges.


SG Analytics conducted a thorough research, consisting of secondary and primary research components. We structured and analyzed our findings to provide the client with an evaluation of the banking sector’s response to the new regulation.

Primary Research Component:
  • SG Analytics conducted marketplace discussions with ten key experts including ex-government officials and bankers in the EU region to gain an understanding of the response of the banking sector to the new regulation, and gauge the changes in the services provided by banks and other financial institutions.

Secondary Research Component:
  • We conducted benchmarking of the compliance status of 16 leading banks in the EU region with respect to technological adoption, investments and capital expenditure allocations, and M&A and joint ventures.

Consequential Advisory:
  • Based on insights from the interviews and secondary research, we assessed the impact of the new regulation across the banking sector.


The final client presentation captured the regulatory changes concerning open banking and their impact on the European banking sector and the leading banks of the region.
The client leveraged the insights to evaluate the effect of the PSD2 regulation and the response of the banking sector to the reform.