Assess sales force in bio-oncology market

In-depth CATI interviews.
Major competitors analyzed.
4 months.
Outlook on upcoming products.


A global pharmaceutical with interest in bio-oncology products.


The client wanted to understand the structure of sales force/customer facing teams for bio-oncology products under FDA fast-track review. The requirement also included a detailed analysis of the reporting structures along with the promotional strategy and the key messaging toward the end customers. The geographical scope was limited to the US.


SG Analytics conducted extensive primary market research in the given geographic area. The team interviewed sales representatives, physicians, salespeople of competitor companies, and the client's ex-employees to understand the activities revolving around the product.

KIQs answered:
  • Key messaging by customer type.
  • Understand whether there has been any restructuring of the teams.
  • Determine the sales force which will handle soon-upcoming bio-oncology products (number of sales representatives, district managers, regional managers, key account managers, medical science liaisons etc).
  • The reporting structure of the teams for each product (names, designation, and phone number).
  • Whether the product will be co-promoted with others? If yes, then the product's percentage weight during the promotion.


The report provided a comprehensive understanding and outlook pertaining to the sales force handling bio-oncology products along with an outlook on planned team sizes.
SG Analytics' intelligence provided the client's senior management with lucid information on products that were to enter the market in an approximate span of the following 4 months.