Thought leadership material for financial services provider

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Content specialist, designer, editor.
Research analysts.
Thought leader interviews.


A European financial services provider with operations in 4 countries.


The client wanted to publish a white paper on the marketing strategies adopted for financial products and services. The report required key insights from major thought leaders of the financial industry. The client had neither the necessary insights nor the in-house capacity to design and create the actual collateral.


SG Analytics recommended in-depth interviews with multiple thought leaders to analyze their marketing and sales strategies aiming at the sale and branding of financial products and services.
  • SG Analytics’ BFSI specialists conducted extensive desk research to gather relevant statements and quotes from thought leaders using databases such as Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Thomson Reuters, and Thomson Banker.
  • Based on the results, SG Analytics’ specialists designed a custom questionnaire and conducted CATI interviews with key thought leaders and influencers in the financial industry.
  • Analyzing the thought leaders’ view on integrated marketing campaigns, SG Analytics derived key market insights and forecasted the dynamic of relevant marketing strategies.

SG Analytics deployed a creative team, consisting of an experienced content specialist and a senior designer to envision an appropriate and appealing design for the client's whitepaper and execute its creation under strict consideration of the client's brand and design guidelines.


Capital IQ
Thomson One


SG Analytics delivered a full whitepaper that was ready for distribution across the clients end-customer base without significant intervention by the client.
The whitepaper followed the client's style guide and highlighted thought leaders' views on products and potential marketing opportunities in the financial sector.
The whitepaper also assessed the branding of products and services and provided market forecasts for the most important products.