Research support for European private bank

Client: Switzerland-based private bank covering large-cap stocks in Europe, the US and Asia


  • 6 Sector experts
  • 25 Stocks initiated, 10 theme ideas suggested
  • 150 Stocks covered
  • 90% Client satisfaction scores exceeded expectations


The client’s onshore research team was facing a time crunch in managing the production of research content while ensuring adequate face-time with end-clients. Despite the requirement of higher front-facing activity, the timely release of thematic pieces and investment ideas could not be put at risk, nor could the output quality be compromised.Moreover, any addition to the team would have entailed significant onshore costs.


SG Analytics understood the client requirements in detail and implemented the following solution:

  • SG Analytics offered a team of sector experts with minimum seven years of experience and aligned the team in a one-on-one model with the client’s onshore team. This ensured high-quality, reliable output for the onshore analysts with minimal supervision and review time.
  • SG Analytics team worked as an extended arm of the client and suggested new ideas for investment themes along with actionable investment choices. SGA also developed an in-house screener for every industry in line with the client’s investment philosophy to suggest new stock ideas
  • As a value-add, SG Analytics created new products, such as quick notes on global macroeconomic and industry events, industry newsletters, which improved the depth and context of coverage. SG Analytics also used automatic data sheets created on Bloomberg to enhance efficiency and passed on the benefits to the client.

Flow Chart:

  1. Putting the right team in place to ensure continued focus on high-quality research and idea generation
  2. Ensuring full alignment with the onshore team by forging independent one-on-one relationships
  3. Deploying technology to pass on efficiency benefits


I appreciate your in-depth understanding of the segments weworked on, your high standards of quality, your reliability, yourhighly professional attitude, your sound background in all aspects offinancials, your precision in analytics, and your prompt and carefulexecution – Head of Telecommunications Research

  • 35-40% lower costs compared to a similar team being deployed onshore
  • Delivered efficiency gains of c.10% annually
  • Improved research quality by suggesting new content creation ideas


Sector experts.
Stocks initiated, 10 theme ideas suggested.
Stocks covered.
Client satisfaction scores exceeded expectations.


35-40% lower costs compared to a similar team being deployed onshore.
Delivered efficiency gains of c.10% annually.
Improved research quality by suggesting new content creation ideas.