Monitor controversial supplier news for conglomerate

NGO reports covered.
Controversial issues tracked.
Foreign languages covered.


US-based conglomerate with diverse product lines including consumer durable's, food & staples and electronics.


The client wanted to closely monitor controversial news related to its 2,000+ suppliers’ across the globe. The client was unable to track a broad range of events including compliance issues and bankruptcy across its value chain that might pose adverse impact on its reputation.


Based on a detailed understanding of the client’s concerns, SG Analytics adopted the following multi-pronged approach:
  • SG Analytics' team identified a comprehensive list of sources (including electronic media, NGO reports, blogs, press releases) to gather the required information for all the supplier companies that included private entities as well.
  • The team developed a model for robust search strings and built automated processes to collect news across 1000+ sources. SG Analytics also established an extensive impact scoring methodology.
  • We deployed a senior researcher to screen all news items to remove redundant information and ensure quality coverage.
  • We built reports highlighting the frequency of such issues across companies and regions and performing thorough impact analysis of each controversy.


Reached client’s quality expectation of 95% within first month.
Improved efficiency by 35% via news collection automation.
Significantly reduced clients’ exposure to reputational risks by monitoring their suppliers all around the year.