Investment review and value enhancement

Transactions screened.
Media companies benchmarked.
Different metrics used.


A Europe-based opportunity fund with activity in the media space.


The client wanted to assess the performance of an underperforming portfolio in the media space. Our client was particularly interested in understanding the future of the sector and the multiples that could be realized on a potential exit.


SG Analytics supported the client's performance assessment by conducting the following steps:
  • Our team identified industry-specific parameters to benchmark and analyze companies in the media sector.
  • The parameters included quantitative features like the total number of subscribers and qualitative aspects, such as key content generation, major television rights, ownership of popular brands, etc.
  • The team studied the current M&A landscape and classified median EV multiples by subsectors, e.g. payments, robotics, etc.

Value Delivered

SG Analytics' analysis benchmarked various companies in the media sector based on various relevant parameters.
The deliverable also included a classification of the current M&A landscape to assess the prospects of a potential exit.