Analyst support for European bank

FTEs covering 6 sectors.
Live deals and numerous M&A pitches in a year.
Client ratings “above expectations”.


One of the leading international commercial banks in Europe, with revenue of >EUR 10 billion.


The client’s onshore team restructured its business lines and recruited new senior level staff (Managing Directors) for some of its sectors. While this led to more pitching, there was lack of research skill in the team (Associates, Analyst) to assist in the process.


SG Analytics offered a combination of junior and senior analysts across 6 sectors after thoroughly understanding the scope of the work. The right team mix helped to keep the overall cost under control.
  • SG Analytics deployed 12 dedicated IB analysts within a short span of 3 months. These 12 analysts were carefully selected based on rigorous selection criteria and multiple rounds of interviews by SG Analytics.
  • SG Analytics team acted as a seamless extension of client’s in-house teams in an independent, one-on-one structure for each of the 6 sectors. The SG Analytics team comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals (with MBA and CFA backgrounds) with functional as well as psychological skills to deliver in high-pressure situations, work flexible hours and possessed a strong contextual understanding of the tasks.
  • As a value-add, SG Analytics automated various processes for standard products like profiles, comps precedent transactions, and pitch-book support, fully passing on the efficiency gains to the client.


~40% lower costs as compared to a similar team expansion onshore.
Efficient team ramp-up along with inclusion of sector experts.
Efficiency gains of c.10% annually fully passed on to the client.