Financial spreading support for European bank


A European banking institute with a large portfolio of domestic commercial loans.


The client wanted to enhance the strength of its loan monitoring division without expanding its onshore teams. SG Analytics was engaged to provide financial spreading support across SBA loan accounts.


SG Analytics’ provided a specialist team consisting of 12 FTE to support the client’s onshore team by providing the following services:

Data sourcing
  • Creation and monitoring of financial statement trackers (calendars) to ensure timely receipt of financial statements.
  • Collation of data from multiple sources in various file formats including PDF, image, MS-Excel, text, and hard copies.
  • Follow-ups with onshore teams to secure missing data/ files/ documents etc.

Data spreading
  • Spreading of historical data including information gaps pertaining to financial and operating data (e.g. reviewing MD&A section in annual reports for additional information).
  • Spreading relevant information comprised in notes to accounts.
  • Adjustments for non-recurring / extraordinary items.

Data validation
  • Insert notes, comments, sources of information, etc. into documents and reports to ensure proper audit trails.
  • Quality checks (self-check, peer-check and supervisor check).
  • Maintain a repository of all source documents for quick referral and extraction.


SG Analytics' additional manpower enabled the client to enhance their loan monitoring process and obtain faster average turnaround times on new deals.
Leveraging SG Analytics’ resources the client was also able to improve the cost/income ratio for lower value end-clients.