ESG risk assessment and exclusions research for asset manager

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An Asian asset manager with over $200 billion in AUM, funds in the global energy sector, and significant exposure in emerging markets, including India.


Reports of breaches of social and corporate governance standards were worrying our client. Whistleblowers had revealed a few cases of serious misconduct across the client’s investments in India. The client wanted to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the ESG risks of its portfolio and re-evaluate its positions.

SG Analytics supported the client with a comprehensive assessment of the ESG compliance across its India portfolio and an evaluation of its exposure to ESG risks.


SG Analytics leveraged its extensive experience in primary and secondary research, along with local market knowledge and its access to local field researchers to gather relevant information:
  1. SG Analytics’ primary research team identified key stakeholders including respective managers of different seniority, as well as regulatory authorities, regional activists, and NGOs. The team drafted a comprehensive questionnaire and conducted CATI and CAWI interviews with all stakeholders.
  2. The secondary research team gathered data from existing sources, including blogs, thematic reports, social networking sites, controversial news reports and various other related articles. The team was supported by a social media data scientist to scrape and analyze all relevant social media data in a structured and efficient manner.
  3. SG Analytics deployed an experienced field research team. The field researchers located the whistleblowers and identified relevant regional activists as interview potential interview partners. The team also visited factories and met local community leaders to gather additional ground-level information.

SG Analytics consolidated and structured all information and presented its insights in a comprehensive ESG compliance and risk exposure report.

Value Delivered

SG Analytics delivered a comprehensive ESG compliance and risk exposure report consolidating information from primary, secondary, and field research.
In due course, our client adjusted its portfolio and sold it stock in companies that failed to comply with relevant social and corporate governance standards.