ESG profiles of electrical appliance manufacturers for investment management firm

Companies analyzed.
Data points covered.
Stakeholders interviewed.
ESG researchers.


Europe-headquartered investment management firm with over € 200 billion in AUM, which includes large portion of sustainability funds.


The client wanted specific ESG profiles of small Indian electrical appliance parts manufacturers from an investment standpoint. The client wanted to perform a thorough due diligence on these manufacturers. Limited information on these manufactures was available in the public domain.


SG Analytics deployed a three-pronged approach comprising of desk research, gap analysis and primary research to gather information.
  1. SG Analytics' desk research covered sources including company websites, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) reports, blogs, social networking sites, controversial news reports (including local language media), and various other related articles.
  2. Our research team identified key stakeholders including management personnel across these companies, regulatory authorities, regional activists, and NGOs. We drafted a comprehensive questionnaire and conducted interviews with the stakeholders via telephone calls and emails to bridge information gaps.
  3. Our analysts conducted an information gap analysis using the available data. Subsequently, the researchers identified best possible avenues to obtain the missing information using SG Analytics' robust primary research capabilities.


SG Analytics exceeded initial expectation of data availability score by 20% due to robust information gap analysis.
SG Analytics directly interviewed the senior management of 90% of the companies in the client’s portfolio.
100% adherence to SG Analytics SLA with the client.