ESG compliance assessment for asset manager in PLS

Man hours.
Interviews conducted.
Cities covered for field research.


US-headquartered institutional asset manager with over $250 billion in AUM. The client manages sustainability funds that invest in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences sector.


Our client observed multiple news reports that reported significant lapses in compliance with environmental and social requirements across Asia-based manufacturers of API’s and intermediates. The client had significant holdings in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences stocks that sourced from these Asia-based manufacturers. The client wanted a comprehensive assessment of ESG compliance across these companies to gauge their exposure to ESG risks.


SG Analytics deployed a three-pronged approach comprising of desk research, primary research, and field research to gather information on ESG compliance across suppliers.
  1. SG Analytics' desk research covered sources including blogs, thematic reports, social networking sites, controversial news reports and various other related articles.
  2. Our team identified key stakeholders including management personnel across supplier firms, regulatory authorities, regional activists, and NGOs. The team drafted a comprehensive questionnaire and conducted interviews with the stakeholders via telephone calls and emails.
  3. We deployed a field research team comprising of experienced researchers with significant exposure to the pharmaceutical industry. SG Analytics researchers visited supplier factories, met local community leaders and regional activists to gather ground-level information.


SG Analytics delivered deep dive insights, views and feedback sourced from industry recognized and credible authorities.
Based on our research, our client initiated activist action against the portfolio companies to ensure ESG compliance across their suppliers.
In due course, our client exited companies that failed to meet relevant ESG norms across their supplier base.