Data collection methodology for newly launched fund products

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European exchanges covered.


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The client was facing problems in ensuring completeness of the platform data in terms of setting up data collection mechanism for newly launched fund products by fund providers across European exchanges. Also, the dynamic data across these fund products needed validation for gaps, accuracy and variance.


SG Analytics put together an offshore team that comprised fund domain experts, researchers and technology analysts. This team understood the requirements, discussed those with leading fund providers and recommended four activity streams to ensure the completeness of the platform data:
  • Set up a research mechanism to create alerts for the technology team with basic details of the newly launched fund products. Based on these alerts, the team set ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) mechanisms for these fund products in coordination with the fund providers.
  • Conducted a periodic review of data received from fund providers for validating the completeness of dynamic data. Through this, the team confirmed absence of data or correction of dynamic data such as NAV, AuM, outstanding units and dividends.
  • Set up an auto-load mechanism for dynamic data in case any fund provider did not directly transfer data for the current ETL mechanism.
  • Analyzed and resolved possible data issues such as variance above threshold levels, data mismatch, changes in static data parameters, etc.


Ensured timely setup of newly launched fund products across major European exchanges and fund providers.
Reduced escalations of fund providers by representing validated data on the platform.