Corporate governance research for institutional investor

Data points covered.
Regulations covered globally.


A UK headquartered institutional investor with USD 300+ million in AUM, dedicated SRI funds, and heavy exposure in the impact investment space.


The client wanted to enhance their understanding of market opportunities and the investor outlook with respect to gender and diversity. They wanted to study the ROI on gender and diversity-themed investments, along with investor commentary and relevant case studies. The client’s resource bandwidth and in-house expertise were insufficient to understand and analyze the practical aspects of certain concepts within the ESG space.


SG Analytics formed a team of in-house ESG analysts, including experts in gender and diversity studies. SG Analytics' approach comprised of the following steps:
  • Design an extensive dataset covering multiple aspects of gender and diversity.
  • Collate information from multiple sources such as company publications, Global news, Regulator’s websites, social media, etc.
  • Enlist regulations relevant to gender and diversity within the ESG space, covering hundreds of regulations on a global scale.
  • Enlist investor declarations with relevance to gender and diversity
  • Perform a fund search on gender and diversity-themed funds and recorded ROI for these funds over a 3 year period
  • Design a media scan covering commentary and news highlights across both institutional and individual investors, with respect to market trends in gender and diversity-themed investments.
  • Conduct a multi-layered internal quality assurance process before final delivery.

Value Delivered

SG Analytics submitted a deep dive study portraying the performance advantage of companies with a sufficient gender mix at the board level.
The deliverable also highlighted the evolution of global regulations in terms of gender and diversity and the impact on thematic investment patterns.
Additionally, the report contained an overview of the global investment progression trend of millennials towards such thematic investments.