Brand perception and need-gap analysis


Global hair color brand

Business situation

  • Understand brand perception held by the client’s customers and non-customers
  • Determine brand knowledge, consumer decision-making process, and competitive rivalry
  • Understand consumers’ top preferences while selecting a brand with respect to price, brand awareness, quality, etc.

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • SGA helped the client determine brand perception, and identify the need-gap
  • SGA provided recommendations on product improvement and pricing to drive sales


Gauge the company’s brand perception, identify key buying factors for the consumers while selecting a hair color brand, and assist the client to bridge this need-gap to drive product innovation

SGA approach

  • SGA conducted an exhaustive secondary research to understand the US hair color market with respect to market size, product trends, growth drivers, competitive landscape, etc.
  • Conducted product benchmarking of 10+ competitors to gauge competitive rivalry
  • Administered an online survey covering 500+ customers as well as non-customers to draw insights across customer preferences and their buying behavior
  • Discussion with 10-12 retailers to understand brand sales viz-a-viz competitors and identify the need-gap