Treatment pathways analytics on fever drug portfolio


Multinational pharmaceutical company with a diverse drug portfolio.


The client wanted to apply big data analytics on their fever drug portfolio subjects to understand the clinical treatment pathways using real-world evidences and electronic health records. The client did not have enough information to enable analysis across multiple systems to generate a systematic analytical output.


SG Analytics' data scientists provided a comprehensive big data solution, where data from multiple systems in different formats was cleansed, transformed and aggregated to enable batch processing and advanced analytics.
  • Our team mapped, aggregated and standardized data from various sources for fever drug portfolio.
  • The team set up an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) mechanism for data acquisition and analyzing the data quality.
  • We loaded the data into a staging area in Hadoop technology. After the staging layer, the team ensured that data was converted into HDFS module in parquet format.
  • We applied advanced analytical models and visualization on the data marts for faster prediction and efficient insight generation.
  • The team monitored the model continuously and re-calibrated the same for better results.


Provided and maintained an enterprise-wide big data warehouse for clinical analytics.
Designed analytical models and data visualization tools to establish effective pathways prediction for faster and improved insight generation.

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