Data hub for cable and satellite television network


 US-based cable and satellite television network, promoting content through its online platform


The client wanted to develop a database which would act as a single version of truth to accommodate data sources including transactions, CRM, weblogs, and social media. The client wanted to perform advanced analytics for assessing the performance of marketing campaigns.


SGA’s DA team developed a real-time data ingestion approach to collect all structured and unstructured data types, and standardize the data for the visualization platform:

  • SGA’s data scientists developed a data warehouse combining all the master tables and transaction tables from multiple sources and databases.
  • The team then implemented data standardization methods to synthesize the data in a unified format based on the client’s requirements. The team then performed historical record maintenance practice for further emulsion of unstructured data.
  • The SGA team extracted social media data from various sources and automated the daily data refresh process using Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools.
  • The team created visualization using business intelligence tools such as Tableau and D3.js to analyze various key performance indicators across geographies, time zones, and channel types.


Provided insight on performance of various telecast programs with real-time data integration.
Created a single, unified view of the entire customer data of the client.
Improved user experience due to better visualization using latest technology.