Test suite for institutional exchange for points-backed securities

Time savings with automation
Coverage of automation for complex functional scenarios.


The first institutional exchange for points-backed securities unlocking a trillion dollars’ worth of captive loyalty value.


The client requested an effective test suite for its NASDAQ trading platform. The NASDAQ trading platform (X-stream) allowed trading of equities and ETF trading for options. It also supported the hybrid market system and facilitated the following:
  • Validate customization functionality of the trading platform, which has the submodules XWS and XAI.
  • The XWS (X-stream Workstation) enables clients to do online trading for both, the equities and derivatives markets together as a trader.
  • XWS for market-controller enables to control all the positions of their clients.
  • The XAI (Exchange Administrator Interface) enables the exchange to monitor the positions of the trading member.


SG Analytics ensured to understand the client's platform and requirements in all details and tailor-make an effective test suite, including the following processes and tests:
  • Test case authoring and execution (functional, unit, and interface).
  • Authoring complex business scenarios, wherein the real-time scenarios are simulated.
  • Defect management – defect identification, tracking, and closure of the defect.
  • Tested different protocols FIX and ITCH for 3rd party clients.
  • Creation of automation framework, developing automation test scripts.
  • Executing automated test scripts
  • Providing the optimal usage of the automation framework by combining the interface and functional test cases.

Value Delivered

Automation of complex Functional scenarios (end-to-end real-time scenarios)
Helped client’s client in FIX certification
Production support provided in successful launch of AEMI
Extensive test suite development covering all the functionalities
Development of Traceability Matrix
Automation of Interface smoke scripts