Social listening and primary research for car modding parts manufacturer


A European manufacturer of car modding parts.


SG Analytics’ client was experiencing a disappointing turnover across its product lines against the background of record sales in the car tuning scene following the new installment of a popular movie franchise. Hence, the sales of their competitors had been growing as per market expectations, the client was suspecting a social media marketing/ branding related issue.


SG Analytics’ team leveraged a combination analytics and primary research methodologies to provide a holistic view of the client’s brand perception by end-consumers. We divided the problem into three major parts:

Primary research and survey data integration:
  • SG Analytics engaged with the marketing and consumer insights group of the client to develop a survey aiming to understand whether the consumers’ requirements or perception of the overall industry had changed.
  • The survey was rolled out leveraging a CAWI methodology and targeting/ retargeting tools that focused on consumers who had previously indicated interest in car tuning.
  • Our team integrated the survey data with Tableau using the Web Data Connector functionality to provide real-time updates on the dashboard.

Social media data consolidation:
  • Using natural language processing and text mining techniques, our data scientists analyzed conversations across social media channels and conducted a sentiment analysis to gauge consumer satisfaction and sentiment of relevant end-customers that had bought car tuning parts either from the client or one of its competitors.

Reporting and dashboard building:
  • SG Analytics developed a combined dashboard to demonstrate the research and analytics results in a structured and actionable manner. The dashboard showcased relevant key metrics including industry and brand sentiment as well as various other metrics gathered from the survey.
  • Benchmarking the client against its competitors, SG Analytics also modeled a social reputation score (relative and absolute).




SG Analytics analysis provided the client with a detailed understanding of its brand’s reputation and consumers perception of the industry overall.
SG Analytics social reputation model provided the client with an easy-to-use-metric to monitor its social media and messaging initiatives.