Resource planning for high-volume manufacturer of medical supplies

Primary interviews
40+ hours
Secondary research
Designated tools used.


An East Europe based make-to-order high-volume manufacturer of medical supply.


The client was facing difficulties to optimize its supply chain due to long negotiations with prospects and vague order forecasts. Each of the client’s sales managers was operating independently, using their own spreadsheet tools. SG Analytics was engaged with the objective to enable efficient resource planning by developing a sophisticated sales management tool that could be integrated into the client’s custom ERP.


SG Analytics conducted interviews with internal stakeholders to gain a detailed understanding of the client’s sales and production processes. In addition, the team interviewed the client’s sales reps to assess their specific challenges and pain points.
  • As it turned out, the client’s sales workflow involved an undue amount of manual monitoring of the delivery potential, involving multiple outside and inside salespersons. The client’s custom ERP also lacked a proper mechanism to assess the feasibility of prospective orders in a timely fashion. The resulting waiting period for prospects and uncertain delivery time resulted in a low conversion rate for opportunities and vague order forecasts.
  • SG Analytics implemented a software solution that was rolled out among all sales reps. The sales management tool featured the required functionalities to organize all sales processes on a single platform. SG Analytics supported the client in integrating the software into their custom ERP.
  • A bi-directional data exchange between the sales management tool and the client’s ERP enabled faster order confirmation and more accurate forecasts of the delivery time. In the next step, SG Analytics built a predictive model that forecasted orders and an analytical model to rank prospective orders in cases of potential production bottlenecks.
  • The client was so satisfied with the deliverables that it extended the project scope. The client asked SG Analytics to assess the efficiency of its custom ERP and develop more efficient resource planning models that fully leveraged the newly gathered sales data and demand forecasts.


SG Analytics’ integrated sales management tool gathered and standardized all sales data in a single database.
Based on the client's sales data, SG Analytics’ predictive model enabled more accurate demand forecasts and allowed the client to optimize its supply chain.