Optimize marketing mix plans and assess optimal budget

Client: US-headquartered leading media & entertainment company, with businesses across television networks, films and TV entertainment.

OPPORTUNITY: The client wanted to optimize the marketing mix plans, and assess the optimal budget allocation to maximize user ratings across channels. The client also wanted to gain insights related to the impact of budget fluctuations on user ratings and ROI.


Based on the availability and granularity of data, SG Analytics DA team applied a technology-agnostic framework that optimizes budgets to create synchronized marketing mix plans:

  • The SG Analytics team designed an analytical framework to integrate various data streams and analyze cohesively. The team used Nielsen’s methodology to track show awareness and customer intent data.
  • The team used forecasting and optimization techniques to identify the optimal budget for particular shows
  • SG Analytics incorporated the analyzed data into a dashboard using empirical methods, which facilitated access to data across the client’s internal teams
  • SG Analytics deployed a cross-functional team to ensure data integrity, and enable the users to flexibly add internal and external channels as they emerge


Created a holistic grid of the budget and advertising slots by combining new and returning shows.
Delivered maximum user ratings without exceeding the total budget.
Identified viable revenue growth opportunities under different budget scenarios.