Multisource Data Acquisition


A US-based, leading cable and satellite television network company.


The client was analyzing viewership impact drivers and planning its marketing strategies based on data from various sources. The data was consolidated in a tedious and arduous manual process:
  • Queries into a SQL database for customer data.
  • Data exports from the web analytics software Omniture.
  • Scraping of social media data.

The client wanted to automate the consolidation process into a shared database as the single version of truth. The database was to include transactional data, CRM data, weblogs, and social media data.


SG Analytics helped the client streamline and automate the process for data collection, processing, and storing with the creation of a data warehouse that was combining all the master tables and transaction tables from multiple databases.

SG Analytics' team also helped create data standardization processes and maintenance of historical records, which consisted of both structured and unstructured data types.

SG Analytics provided a consolidated environment to capture social media data from various platforms using either APIs or ETL tools. This enabled a more accurate week-on-week viewership tracking on social media.

Since SG Analytics utilized AWS cloud for the data storage, any user with valid credentials would be able to access the data from anywhere.

Tools Used


Value Delivered

SG Analytics automated the consolidation process of all relevant data - periodic updates without manual labor.
SG Analytics created a main source of truth data warehouse as a base for various analytical activities, such as churn analysis, drivers analysis etc.