Multi-channel marketing modeling for pharmaceutical firm

Test groups.
Control groups.
Specialties covered.
Target geography.


Leading global pharmaceutical major with distribution across multiple countries.


The client’s marketing team was planning to launch a pilot campaign which involved replacing the medical in-person representative detailing by multichannel marketing (MCM) for a mid-cap drug in the diabetic market. The team wanted a sample set of prescribers to be exposed to this campaign so as to accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


Our data analytics team divided the target base into test & control group and employed non-traditional marketing methods to reach out to the test group.
  • To ensure wide coverage, SG Analytics included all the market writers that have been detailed in the past six months and have written at least one brand prescription.
  • Based on the overall population, our team calculated significance level and error margin in the optimal sample size ‘n’ of prescribers.
  • The team then segmented the total prescriber population into different strata based on market quintile, brand quintile, specialty and number of generics prescribed by the physician.
  • Based on the t-test results, the team concluded whether the campaign had a positive or negative effect, as well as the significance of the effect. The sample prescribers exposed to the campaign formed the test group in this exercise.


Covered 95% of prescribers to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.
20% decline in the brand’s total prescriptions after replacing in-person marketing with MCM.