Monitor brand awareness across multiple platforms


A leading specialty retailer offering innovative home improvement products and services through big-box format stores across the US.


The retailer’s presence on social media was ineffective, hence the client wanted to increase the efficacy of its social outreach. The client also wanted a holistic view of its brand perception across various platforms.


SG Analytics engaged with the marketing and consumer insights group of the client to develop and deploy a near real-time tracking mechanism. We divided the problem into three major parts: Survey data integration, Social media data consolidation, Building dashboard to provide a single version of truth.
  • Our team integrated the survey data with Tableau using the Web Data Connector functionality to provide real-time updates on the dashboard.
  • We worked on social media listening tools like Sysomos and portal-specific tools like Tubular. SG Analytics team developed applications using portal APIs and custom code for aggregating data from the web in order to calculate key metrics to measure outreach.
  • We developed a dashboard by combining the survey as well as the consolidated social media data. This dashboard showcased the key metrics from social media platforms including Brand sentiment and Social Reputation Score and various other metrics gathered from the survey.

Tools used:



Improved insights on social media branding and campaign performance, and improved engagement.
Provided better understanding of the customer funnel and the influence of offline and online channels on the customer.
Enabled monitoring of geographic level brand campaigns, and used geo-intelligence to attract customers.