Mobile business intelligence dashboards for beverage manufacturer


A multinational Food and Beverage manufacturer and distributor.


The client organization was undergoing a change - they wanted to facilitate their management to be more data savvy. The client's chief executives felt that their rigid data architecture was hampering the top layer of managers from easily accessing relevant insights.

The client wanted a real-time solution, which would update automatically and dashboards/reports which were tablet/mobile-friendly so that decision makers could view them on the go.

In the current system, with the volume of data growing exponentially, manual updates of running reports from MySQL in excel spreadsheet was no longer a viable solution. This process took a lot of time and was prone to errors/mistakes.


SG Analytics' team first got an understanding of the client's legacy software and the processes which were currently in place for the various business intelligence reports and dashboards that had to be in line with the client’s KPI’s.

Our team then helped consolidate the various data streams from different sources. We also integrated the client's preferred BI tool Domo for the creation of real-time visualization reports and dashboards. We then helped create an ionic framework component, to make the access device agnostic. These were then integrated into the client’s BI applications for enrichment and improvement of the analytical performance.

The previous steps enabled the client to access the BI Dashboards from different devices (including tablets like Ipad and smartphones on all platforms). With the ability to track KPI’s and other drivers from various devices, the client was able to launch new initiatives with less risk because of a more current and relevant reporting.



SG Analytics delivered personalized mobile dashboards that launched in under 10 seconds.
The dashboards empowered the client's on-field senior management with mobile BI analytics accessible anytime & anywhere.