Media Mix Modeling for internet service provider


A well-established internet service provider.


The client was planning to launch a new product and hoped to increase its market share in its home geography. The client’s marketing team had selected a small region to run pilot campaigns through multiple channels. The data was unstandardized and collected through various data streams. SG Analytics was engaged to standardize the data, accurately measure user responses to the different campaigns, and optimize the allocation of the marketing budget for a national rollout.


SG Analytics constituted a team of data experts and modeling specialists to deliver the following solution:
  • SG Analytics' data scientists designed an analytical framework to integrate the various data streams and ensure data integrity.
  • By leveraging its in-depth understanding of various data sources along with the client’s business knowledge, SG Analytics' data scientists defined business rules to standardize the data for primary EDA and ease in modeling.
  • The team then built an extended model, based on forecasting and optimization techniques, to explain the effect of different marketing channels and determine the optimal budget for each channel.


SG Analytics ensured data integrity and provided clarity on the effectiveness of the selected pilot campaigns.
SG Analytics’ extended model allowed the client assess the optimal budget for each marketing channel.