Managed reporting services for multinational consumer good company


A multinational consumer good company.


The client was concerned that its different product category teams were overloaded with too many mandatory monthly reports. The client's executives and managers voiced concerns about duplication of effort and excessive time invest for data consolidation, data preparation, and data compilation.

In order to extract meaningful insights and trends from its data in the most efficient way, the client requested SG Analytics to restructure its reports. The client's priority was to streamline all reports and increase their consistency by standardizing them across relevant geographies.


SG Analytics' data scientists first ensured a complete understanding of each team’s specific requirements and created a list of standardized models for all product categories and key metrics. Then, the team designed a standardized report template in Tableau. The template incorporated the majority of common factors, in order to ensure a homogeneous look and feel across all reports and teams. As per the client's requirement, SG Analytics was very careful to minimize the variance and limit the differences to particular specifics of the respective product categories. The Tableau dashboard prototype included buckets like category performance, competitor study, product category growth and market share trends, historical trends with historical time series data etc.

SG Analytics' data scientists leveraged their experience with user-friendly interfaces and data visualization to create final reports which were easy to understand, comprehend, and reliable, thus enabling the client's business teams to spend more time analyzing the trends and get a holistic view of different categories and draw meaningful comparisons.

Tools used:

Microsoft PowerPoint

Value Delivered

The streamlined analytics report created faster turnaround time on business strategy each month.
Standardizing the operating procedure made communication and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders easier.